The Tofu-Dreg Schoolhouse Scandal

On May 12, 2008 a devastating 8.0 earthquake occurred.  Chinese officials were hailed as heroes for their rapid response time and efforts to save the people of Sichuan Province.  Until, people realized that the numbers didn’t add up…  How could sixty-eight thousand people die with all are safety codes and earthquake resistant buildings?  The answer shocked the nation.  after careful inspection of the school buildings, inspectors realized that the buildings were not up to code, not even close.  The schools were built with the cheapest materials possible-heavy and not flexible.

Improper Buildings


Proper Buildings


In an earthquake the building, if proper code is followed, should be light and flexible so that they bend with the shaking- giving kids/people plenty of time to get out of the building before it collapses.  These schoolhouses were not built in that manner, the were made of cheap, rigid material that would splitter and break the second the earthquake took place-giving the children no time to escape.  It soon became clear why all these children died, greed.  The school “owners” pocketed the money rather then using it to buy materials thinking that people would never know the difference.

It has been three years and only one person has been charged, and he wasn’t even involved.  The man that got charged was investigating this terrible disaster, a true hero.  The men/women behind this whole ordeal where never charged, never even looked at-living the life of luxury as their victims try to fight off hunger and disease.  People blame the builders, they blame the owners, but the real people they should be blaming is the country its self-China.  Chinese officials might of set the codes, but they never enforced them, never thought to check up on each school to make sure the said school was following the rules.


All China cares about is that it never shows weakness, they cut off twitter access, they check your mail to make sure that nothing that might show weakness gets out.  The true weakness, though, has always been seen, the fact that showing no weakness is more important than their people.

This video is meant to express my opinion above.  I do not hate China, for the US cannot live without them.  Viewer discretion advised.


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