Earthquake Detection Involving Animals

Animals’ ability to detect an earthquake before it hits is controversial. Scientists bump heads on the issue; some believe that animal detection is plausible and practical, while the others do not.  Rupert Sheldrake is a believer and has evidence to back it up. Sheldrake is both a biologist and author on the subject of earthquakes involving animals. He hypothesizes that animals act erratically before earthquakes. That so many people, in so many different places, have observed these behaviors suggests that it is real. There are plenty of scientists to back up Sheldrake’s findings but also plenty of scientist to discredit them. So no matter how much research is done, in my opinion, earthquake detection involving animals will always remain controversial. However, it really only takes one person to once-and-for-all prove fact from fiction and set things straight…You. I have lain out the facts that I have found, but now it is up to you to prove: is earthquake detection with animals a plausible and practical way of detecting earthquakes?  My sources will be on the links page of my website, and the findings I made are below. Enjoy!

[In the study published today in the Journal of Zoology, a colony of toads deserted their mating site three days before an earthquake struck L’Aquila in Italy last year – the epicentre was 74km from the area where the animals had normally gathered. No toads returned to the site until 10 days later, after the last of the significant aftershocks had finished.]

—-Taken from

“Such a project would capture the imagination of millions of people, encourage large-scale public participation and research-and it would be fun.  What is holding this back is not money but dogmatism and narrow-mindedness.”                                          -Rupert Sheldrake


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